Mandy Bics


Mandy's passion for acting all started when she was a little girl. Microphone in hand she would pretend she was in the movies portraying different characters. This was her escape from the real world and the real struggles that went on at home. As child growing up with an alcoholic father, Mandy would transform into different characters in order to forget all the bad and focus on something fun and exciting. Coming from the small town of Columbia Station, OH, she did not know much about the acting world, but she knew she wanted to be a part of it! Although her dyslexia gave her doubts in middle school about acting, she got cast as a British secretary, and after getting compliments on her accent, she knew entertaining people was what she wanted to do with her life.
She auditioned for every play in high school and college and usually got cast as fun character roles: playing a dog in Sylvia, Sister James in Doubt and Andromache in Trojan Women. She spent 4 years at Marietta College focusing on acting and directing. There she wrote and performed her one-woman show Coming to Terms as her capstone project and directed Central Park West by Woody Allen her senior year. She recived her BFA in Theatre and minor in Asian Studies in 2009.
After college, Mandy spent 2 years teaching English in China through drama and movies. While there, she also directed the play The Jungle Book with a cast of Chinese students in an English version. She always wanted to bring American Style theatre to China, and through the school she taught at, she was able to do that. Finally, she realized she did not want to put her love for acting on hold anymore, so she moved back to the states and then from Ohio to LA.
While in Ohio, she appeared in The Foreigner as Catherine Simms at the Huntington Playhouse and as Janice in Smoke Ring at Dover Players. She also volunteered with the Beck Center for the Arts, assistant teaching the youth theatre groups. She also worked with the Reach Out and Dance program in Akron, OH where she served as the stage manager for their summer program.
Mandy arrived in Los Angeles in February of 2014 and started taking classes at ComedySportz to tighten up her improv skills. She soon became a part of the Monday night Rec League at ComedySportzLA for the next couple years and appeared briefly on the stand up stage. She's always searching for that next role to continue her passion for acting. Get in touch if she's a right fit for your project!